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Mathew Maria Brings the Sun: Juvenile Chapter Book, 3rd grade reading level
Book 2 in the Mathew Maria series

Just because something is very small, that does not mean it can’t be important. Mathew Maria is very small, but she still does amazing things.

Giant plants are taking over the street. What can be done? Some people want to burn them all. But thanks to her mother’s wonderful invention, Mathew Maria can talk to the plants. Will she save the day? Or will the plants unite to burn down the street? Join this little genius on her adventure filled with excitement, danger, and new friends!  

Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon:
Juvenile Chapter Book, grades 2-4 (2nd-3rd grade reading level)

Sometimes life has dragons. That doesn't mean you need a knight.

Princess Eleanor Rosaline loves being a princess. She loves dressing up. But Eleanor Rosaline wants to be more than pretty. She wants to know things. Then the dragon comes. And Eleanor Rosaline doesn't want to be rescued. She wants to rescue herself.

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A poetry book in four seasons. Coupled with photography from Mir Foote's travels around the world, she explores the theme of faith. These poems exalt, question, play, and treasure what it means to be human. In the end, we cannot both know and believe.
'And when you ask the question 'why',
you’re standing for a fall,
but if you never ask the question,
then you have no faith at all.
Have faith, and journey into the dance that is life, love, death, change, and beauty.

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