Author Mir Foote
"Never grow too old for adventure."

New and Upcoming

Up and Coming

Pirate Perdita Graphic Novel:  Pirate Perdita and the time Travelling Zombie Dinosaurs...from Space! is soon to be available as a graphic novel!  Preview the graphic novel here.

Pirate Perdita and the Sparkling Pink Unicorn Ballerina Dance…of Doom!: The second book for the Pirate Perdita series in the works right now.

Audio Books:  Audio versions of all Mir Foote's books are coming soon.


: Juvenile Chapter Book, grades 4-7 (5th grade reading level)
Book 4 in the Chronicles of Evrion.

When the future seems doomed, look to what came before. 

They know the universe needs to be saved. Now it's time to learn why. Seven children, nine animals, one pirate, one ship set off to find their destiny in this fourth installment of the Chronicles of Evrion. They seek their future, but perhaps their answers lie in memories of the past. If only they can find that memory, before the Destroyer ends them all.