About the Author

Mir Foote grew up in the country, in a small community called Whitehawk.  There she had the woods for her playground, dirt roads for her adventures, and an entire wilderness for inspiration.  She was lulled to sleep at night by the sound of drums and coyote calls.  By day, she explored.

Now, the world is her playground.  She spent a year of school in Nantes and another month in Prague.  She taught English for a year in South Korea and France.  She has walked on the Great Wall of China, escaped a forest fire in the mountains of Wyoming, and stood in the ruins of Pompeii.  She has found the path to Reichenbach Falls, walked upon Broadway in New York, and listened to drums in Seoul.

Mir Foote is a world traveler, a teacher, an amateur linguist, and lover of the written word.  Currently, she is planning her next adventure, and working on her next book.