Author Mir Foote
"Never grow too old for adventure."

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Happy Holidays!

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Pirate Perdita and the Time Travelling Zombie Dinosaurs...from Space! : Juvenile Chapter Book, 3-6 grade and up (4th grade reading level)

The zombie dinosaurs are among us. Run.

What would you do if you had a dinosaur army, a spaceship, and the ability to travel through time? If you happened to be a beautiful but cruel villainess, you would probably take over the world. Or she would, if Pirate Perdita wasn't there to steal her zombie-making jewel. Now if only Perdita hadn't been kidnapped. Of course Mr. Ii, Perdita’s first prisoner, is trying to get her back. And eleven year old Leander Jack? He’s just trying not to die.

Adventure awaits in this multi-dimensional story, with dinosaurs, pirates, zombies, time ships, space ships, and at the center, a jewel. Will Pirate Perdita steal the Star of Bokor? Will Leander Jack be eaten by bambiraptors? Will the prisoner Mr. Ii ever escape? And will the zombie dinosaurs take over Earth, or will the band of pirates save the day?

Happy Holidays!

Half off coupon for ebook Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon

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Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon: Juvenile Chapter Book, grades 2-4 (2nd-3rd grade reading level)

Sometimes life has dragons. That doesn't mean you need a knight.

Princess Eleanor Rosaline loves being a princess. She loves dressing up. But Eleanor Rosaline wants to be more than pretty. She wants to know things. Then the dragon comes. And Eleanor Rosaline doesn't want to be rescued. She wants to rescue herself.