Author Mir Foote
"Never grow too old for adventure."

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Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a dragon(2nd-3rd grade reading level) Sometimes life has dragons. That doesn't mean you need a knight.
Mathew Maria Brings the SunBook 2 in the Mathew Maria series (3rd grade reading level)
The Storykeepers(4th-5th grade reading level) There are stories not told to the children, stories that must not be told to the children, of times when evil won. Four orphans must make sure their story isn't one of them.
Almost EarthBook 2 of the Chronicles of Evrion (5th grade reading level)  Their wish got them there. Can their map get them home? 
Mountain of StarsBook 3 in the Chronicles of Evrion (5th grade reading level)  "When the stars line up, the ten must join, or face the doom of all the worlds."
Dance against the Wind: (poetry) "If there is one activity in this world that I love, it is to make words dance."

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Pirate Perdita and the Time Travelling Zombie Dinosaurs...from Space!: (4th grade reading level) The zombie dinosaurs are among us. Run.
Mathew Maria: Book 1 in the Mathew Maria series (4th grade reading level) 
The Wishing Stone: Book 1 in the Chronicles of Evrion (5th grade reading level) Everyone has heard the warning to be careful what you wish for. Fewer know to beware of a wish interrupted.
The Perfect Kingdom: (4th grade reading level) Sometimes, being perfect is a flaw. 
Faith: (poetry) 
'And when you ask the question 'why', 
you’re standing for a fall, 
but if you never ask the question, 
then you have no faith at all.'