Dance Against the Wind: poetry

"If there is one activity in this world that I love, it is to make words dance."

Mir Foote has been writing poetry for over twenty years. Now at last, her award winning poetry has been collected together into this single volume. Partnered with beautiful photography gathered from her travels around the world, these are poems to delight, captivate, inspire, and enthrall. Enjoy the dance.

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Faith: Poetry

A poetry book in four seasons.

Coupled with photography from Mir Foote's travels around the world, she explores the theme of faith. These poems exalt, question, play, and treasure what it means to be human. In the end, we cannot both know and believe.

'And when you ask the question 'why',

you’re standing for a fall,

but if you never ask the question,

then you have no faith at all.'

Have faith, and journey into the dance that is life, love, death, change, and beauty.

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