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Almost Earth: Juvenile Chapter Book, grades 4-7 (5th grade reading level)

Book 2 of the Chronicles of Evrion

Their wish got them there. Can their map get them home?

Five children are stranded on an alien planet. With pirates on their tail, a mountain ahead, and only their magical talismans to aid them, they continue on their quest. But is it a quest for home? Or is there something bigger going on? As an ancient past starts to bleed into the present, they begin to wonder. Was it really their wish that brought them there? And what will they find in the mountain...if they can survive long enough to reach it.

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Dance Against the Wind: poetry

"If there is one activity in this world that I love, it is to make words dance."

Mir Foote has been writing poetry for over twenty years. Now at last, her award winning poetry has been collected together into this single volume. Partnered with beautiful photography gathered from her travels around the world, these are poems to delight, captivate, inspire, and enthrall. Enjoy the dance.

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Eleanor Rosaline Kidnaps a Dragon: Juvenile Chapter Book, grades 2-4 (2nd-3rd grade reading level)

Sometimes life has dragons. That doesn't mean you need a knight.

Princess Eleanor Rosaline loves being a princess. She loves dressing up. But Eleanor Rosaline wants to be more than pretty. She wants to know things. Then the dragon comes. And Eleanor Rosaline doesn't want to be rescued. She wants to rescue herself.

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Faith: Poetry

A poetry book in four seasons.

Coupled with photography from Mir Foote's travels around the world, she explores the theme of faith. These poems exalt, question, play, and treasure what it means to be human. In the end, we cannot both know and believe.

'And when you ask the question 'why',

you’re standing for a fall,

but if you never ask the question,

then you have no faith at all.'

Have faith, and journey into the dance that is life, love, death, change, and beauty.

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Mathew Maria: Juvenile Chapter Book, grades k-4 (4th grade reading level)

Book 1 in the Mathew Maria series

What do you get when you mix an inventor, a gardener, four girls and one pint sized genius? The Martin family, with Mathew Maria leading the way!

In this household, the stairs are never for walking, bubbles are only for emergencies, and the door must never ever open when the music plays. Come join Mathew Maria and her family, where the extraordinary triumphs and the smallest child can save the day!

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Mathew Maria Brings the Sun: Juvenile Chapter Book, (3rd grade reading level)

Book 2 in the Mathew Maria series

Just because something is very small, that does not mean it can’t be important. Mathew Maria is very small, but she still does amazing things.

Giant plants are taking over the street. What can be done? Some people want to burn them all. But thanks to her mother’s wonderful invention, Mathew Maria can talk to the plants. Will she save the day? Or will the plants unite to burn down the street? Join this little genius on her adventure filled with excitement, danger, and new friends!

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Memory: Juvenile Chapter Book, grades 4-7 (5th grade reading level)

Book 4 in the Chronicles of Evrion.

When the future seems doomed, look to what came before.

They know the universe needs to be saved. Now it's time to learn why. Seven children, nine animals, one pirate, one ship set off to find their destiny in this fourth installment of the Chronicles of Evrion. They seek their future, but perhaps their answers lie in memories of the past. If only they can find that memory, before the Destroyer ends them all.

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Mountain of Stars: Juvenile Chapter Book, grades 4-7 (5th grade reading level)

Book 3 in the Chronicles of Evrion

Deserted on an alien planet, chased by pirates, haunted by a prophesy, and left on the doorstep of a mountain with no doors.

The Chronicles of Evrion continues when Jinx and his friends face a mountain. In the mountain is a spaceship, their salvation, and, at the center of it all, a Tree. They just want to find the spaceship and go home. But is home really where they need to be? "When the stars line up, the ten must join, or face the doom of all the worlds." With new friends and an old enemy, are they the ones to fulfill the prophesy and save the universe? Time is slipping away, faster for one than the others. Forget going home, they just want to survive to the end of the world.

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The Perfect Kingdom: Picture Book, all ages (4th grade reading level)

Sometimes, being perfect is a flaw.

The Perfect Kingdom is perfect in every way. It has perfect knights, perfect wizards, perfect cooks, and perfect princesses. It also has a perfect enemy: the dragon. When being perfect isn’t enough to save the kingdom, will only people in all the kingdom who aren’t perfect be able to save the day?

This fully illustrated fairytale includes a small knight, a chaotic wizard, a cook who burns every recipe, and a princess who has her own ideas about beauty. Each must battle the dragon in their own way and save the princesses. Written at a fourth grade reading level, this picture book is appropriate for all ages. Young and old will enjoy the beautiful illustrations and the fantastic story with the message to celebrate that which makes us unique, not perfect.

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Pirate Perdita and the Time Travelling Zombie Dinosaurs...from Space! : Juvenile Chapter Book, 3-6 grade and up (4th grade reading level)

First book written in Pirate Perdita

She's no one's damsel in distress.

What would you do if you had a dinosaur army, a spaceship, and the ability to travel through time? If you happened to be a beautiful but cruel villainess, you would probably take over the world. Or she would, if Pirate Perdita wasn't there to steal her zombie-making jewel. Now if only Perdita hadn't been kidnapped. Of course Mr. Ii, Perdita’s first prisoner, is trying to get her back. And eleven year old Leander Jack? He’s just trying not to die.

Adventure awaits in this multi-dimensional story, with dinosaurs, pirates, zombies, time ships, space ships, and at the center, a jewel. Will Pirate Perdita steal the Star of Bokor? Will Leander Jack be eaten by bambiraptors? Will the prisoner Mr. Ii ever escape? And will the zombie dinosaurs take over Earth, or will the band of pirates save the day?

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The Storykeepers: Juvenile Chapter Book, grades 4-6 (4th-5th grade reading level)

There are stories not told to the children, stories that must not be told to the children, of times when evil won. Four orphans must make sure their story isn't one of them.

There is power in stories, power in storytellers, power in the listeners, the storykeepers, who make the stories real. When an evil sorcerer seeks that power and kidnaps the source of all stories, happily ever after is in danger of becoming never. A young storyteller must find her voice, a boy must find his family, children must find their courage. For if they don't, if they can't find their own happy ending, then the world may be ruled by darkness. Forever.

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The Wishing Stone: Juvenile Chapter Book, 4-7 grade (5th grade reading level)

Book 1 in the Chronicles of Evrion

Everyone has heard the warning to be careful what you wish for. Fewer know to beware of a wish interrupted.

Five children think they have the perfect, foolproof wish. They wish for adventures through time and space, for super powers, and for pirate treasure all at once. Now, thanks to a mysterious stone, the wish is coming true.

Soon they are stranded on an island at the other end of the universe, beset by pirates and alien monkeys, and searching through a trap infested tomb for jewels of power. But as their wish slowly unfolds, they realize they forgot a very important part, and now the real treasure they’re searching for is a way back home.

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