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Why do I write?

posted Jan 22, 2019, 10:06 AM by Dayja

I write, because the words are there

like a secret door,

like a glimmer in the dark,

like a friend inviting me to play.

I write for the love of the story in everything.

I write because there are little mysteries everywhere,

and it’s only in writing them down

that I can find the answers,

can find the story’s heart.

I write because words are my playground

and I love to make words dance.

I believe in stories and poems and words,

those little things we share

that make us human.

I believe writing is a journey,

and that journeys are adventures,

and it is in going on adventures that we grow.

So do join me on my playground, share my journey,

and let’s learn what it is to be human.

Mir Foote