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Poetry Book in the final phase and What is to Come

posted Mar 1, 2012, 7:12 PM by Dayja   [ updated Mar 12, 2012, 2:19 PM ]
Dance Against the Wind is in its final review phase.  The paperback should be ready for sale within the next couple of days.  The e-book is still being formatted.

The sequel to Wishing Stone, Almost Earth, is mostly formatted but still in the editing phase.

And what is to follow once those books are ready for publication?  Let's see what else I'm working on:
    -I'm hoping to move to France for a year next fall.  I won't find out if I'm able to until April.  If I do move to France, I'll be spending a lot of my time teaching English.  I am also considering moving to Prague or Russia.  I've never been to Russia.
    -The White Hawk.  It's part history, part biography, part insanely epic project that I have taken on.  This is the story of the community that my grandparents helped start.  It's where I was raised.  It's a story about green living, bonfires, drumming, cement houses, creeks, family, parties, outhouses, solar panels, dreams, and, above all, people.  I am insane to be writing it, but I still hope to have a rough draft by the end of the summer.
    -Book 3 in the Chronicles of Evrion: Mountain of Stars.  In fact, I've written roughly four and three quarters of the books in the series already, but they are mostly not publish-ready.
    -Books I have written that I will probably attempt to publish at some point in the future:  1 juvenile/young adult fiction, 1 juvenile fiction, 4 picture books, 3 theatrical productions, 1 poetry book, and around 30 works-in-progress that may or may not one day be completed.  I write because I love to write.  I have written for years and I will continue to write for years.  Now...if only I could master the art of publicity and marketing.