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New, weekly updates

posted Jan 7, 2019, 3:56 PM by Dayja
So...I am trying something new.  Where I actually make the attempt to keep up my social media presence.  Which means creating weekly updates on my various projects.

One week into the new year, and where am I headed?  I am still working on the graphic novel for Pirate Perdita, slowly but surely.  Chapters 1 and 2 are done and chapter 3 is in the works.  Which means having to draw dinosaurs.  Lots and lots of dinosaurs.  

The writing of book 2 also continues to be underway.  For that, I am researching seventeenth century France, the history of ballet (apparently, despite the language of ballet being French, it came from Italy.  Who knew?)  and unicorns.  The most difficult part of writing a time travel series is keeping my timelines straight.  I've made charts.

Other projects: my play is still halfway done, no real progress there.  I've organized my artwork, to hopefully make future artistic projects easier.  I have at least two other novels that I add to sporadically.  And a few picture book ideas that I may or may not get around to fully illustrating as all my current artistic efforts are going into my graphic novel.

So...this is me updated.  Until next week.