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Lin-Manuel Miranda has gotten into my head

posted Feb 4, 2019, 8:35 PM by Dayja
So I was watching clips on YouTube from that Hamilton show
And now my brains all tripped up and the rhymes won’t go
and there’re songs in my head and I’m not a musician
a whole story at once and it wants to be known
I feel inspired and wired like my brain is all fired up
And the stories comes in a rush like the faucet all turned up
Like a fire but not burned up, I’m ignited inside
And I want to hide behind the words, but the words I want heard
And I can’t help but write, like I’m bleeding light and everything is absurd
But right
And the rhymes don’t stop and it’s kind of exhausting and mad
But not in a bad way and everything I want to say comes out in a rad way
At least it’s not Shakespeare and his iambic pentameter
Now I’ve got to go write and hope it’s not too amateur

so... basically that is what happens to my brain when I decide to watch a bunch of clips from the play Hamilton.  And now I'm writing a musical?  I am ignoring the tiny little detail that I don't know how to write music.  This is all Lin-Manuel Miranda's fault.  I should be working on finishing my other stories, not trying to plot out an entirely new project while random songs run through my head.  Seriously, it's like I'm trying to write the beginning, middle, and end at the same time and it's not working very well.  Oh well, that has been my week.  Hope yours has been as...productive?  I guess that's one way to call it.