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I seem to have skipped March...oops

posted Apr 1, 2019, 3:49 PM by Dayja

My brain is full of dinosaurs.  That happens to me from time to time, rather randomly.  Every once in a while, I’ll have a dinosaur dream, and the dream will follow me around afterwards.  You’d think dreaming about being chased by dinosaurs would be a nightmare…but they aren’t nightmares.  They don’t exactly scare me.  I kind of enjoy them even.  But they aren’t dreams either…safe, happy dreams where you live out something wonderful.  They’re something in between, and I’ve found the English language rather lacking in a word to describe that place in between dream and nightmare.  That space that is exciting and interesting but not at all safe and on the edge of too scary.  We live real life in that space so I suppose we didn’t feel a need to apply it to our sleeping life.

The best thing about dinosaur dreams: they have the best special effects ever.

The worst thing about dinosaur dreams: they have the best special effects ever.

This dream started off full of dinosaurs, and then for some reason introduced creepy zombie children with the perfect sound track that I kind of wish I could still properly remember, because it was the exact right mix of lightness to make the scene even more creepy.

You’d think, having a dream with zombies and dinosaurs, that I’ve been spending too much time with my own Pirate Perdita book.  But no…the two in the dream were completely unrelated.  Now, if I start dreaming about creepy unicorns…then I will know I’ve been working too hard.

In other news…I’ve decided to count myself as doing well if I post at least one update per month, rather than week.  So…here’s April done!  Or can I still count this as March and do April in a week or so?  I only missed March by a day, after all.

In hindsight, this should probably have been an April fool’s joke.  Missed a chance there.  Still…dinosaurs!  In my head!