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Free Books

posted Oct 16, 2013, 7:55 PM by Dayja   [ updated Nov 20, 2014, 7:22 PM by Megan Foote ]
Have you ever wished that all books were free to read for everyone?  Libraries can only take us so far when it comes to free reading.  Well, I am currently offering my book Mathew Maria for anyone to read online.  All I ask in return is that you do not copy it, that you read it online at the website I've put it on, and that you acknowledge that it is still copyrighted with all the same rights as any other copyrighted material.  I'd also like to ask that you take the time to write a review with Amazon after reading the free work but that, of course, is your choice.  The idea behind offering my books for free is twofold:

1.  To promote the concept of universal free media while exploring a way in which this could possibly still cause some revenue in the form of ads and sales from people who enjoyed the book and wish to gift it, have their own personal ad-free copy available at any time, or prefer a hard copy to put on their shelves.  Basically I'm giving it away in the same way television shows are 'given away for free'.

2.  To promote the books themselves.  It's the same concept of any freebies you get; if you try it, you might like it and then buy it.  Offering it for free might not generate a lot of money, but it will hopefully bring more readers towards my work, and ultimately that's what writing is all about.  A book without a reader is a sad thing.

If this concept seems to work, I think I'll put more of my books online for free; first books in a series certainly.  Mathew Maria, in its entirety, can be read online here.  Read it while you can; I probably won't keep the website up forever!